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Portfolio as at end Sept 2009

This is a post on my portfolio holdings as at end Sept 2009.From Jun - Sep 2009, there have been many changes. My portfolio, as at end Sept 2009, contains the following stocks:
China Eratat
Fujian Zhenyun (FZ) Plastics

Sold: Adampak, China Sunsine, China Ziano, Etika, First Reit, Guthrie, Hong Fok, Jardine Strategic and Valutronics.

Etika was sold during the early July downturn as I wish to remove this non-core position during a downturn.

China Sunsine, First Reit, Guthrie, Hongfok, Jardine Strategic and Valutronics are sold to raise cash to buy other ‘better-valued’ (IMHO at that time) stocks.

Adampak is sold to take profit and raise cash for other stocks. China Ziano is sold due to the possibility of weaker fundamentals, as its competitors have slashed prices more aggressively than previously assumed.

Bought: China Eratat, Fabchem, Metro, Techcomp and UOA.
China Eratat is bought on the basis of its very low valuation i.e. around 2 PER. However, I did not b…