Saturday, February 25, 2017

Clearing deadwoord, buying back

STI has rose 8% in the first two months of 2017. Given the rise, it's harder to find stocks at prices that I like.

I had been selling some stocks, as its fundamentals has weaken. The sold stocks are Singapore Shipping (a stock that I should sold earlier), FSL Trust (after the CEO quit incident) and Kingsmem Creative (sold half, after its poor results).

In the mean time, I bought some shares in Lian Beng, as its price to book is quite low. The position is not large, as I do not like investing in property counters and I am not good in investing in them. 

I also bought back some stocks in China Aviation Oil (CAO) after its release of its FY 2016 results. Its FY 2016 results are not bad, but the stock valuation is not terribly cheap either. Nonetheless, I like the fundamentals of CAO i.e. sole aviation oil importer in China, a stake in refuelling company for Shanghai airport and expanding its presence to other countries. It seems that CAO is expanding its presence in US in 2015 and Middle East in 2016. 

Apr - Jun update

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