Saturday, July 7, 2018

Negative Returns as at 6 Jul 2018

On 6 Jul 2018, STI has a large drop of 64.9 (1.99%), largely due to the property cooling measures announced by the government.

And, my stock portfolio has become more negative than STI currently. The more negative drop is probably led by the drop in my HK counters due to US China trade wars.

STI ETF Returns to date : around -4.6% incl dividends
My portfolio : -5.8%

During May - early Jul, I sold the following counters:
- ESR-Reit: Sold the remaining ESR-Reit
- Valuetronics: Sold at 0.79, as it dropped from 0.8x and it seemed safer to take profit first.
- Cosco Shipping Port: Sold at loss of -15%. It is sold partly to cut loss and partly to raise cash
- ETFs in HK: Sold to raise cash.

I also bought the following:
- ABC, BOC and CCB: Added to my positions as their prices drop. I continued to like China Banks.
- GSS Energy: A new position bought at $0.151. Its current price is 0.136, so I'm suffering a 10% loss here. Bought it as it seems undervalued if it could develop its Oil and Gas business
- Yanlord: Added more shares at $1.6, $1.58 and $1.50  to my existing position. I continued to like the stock, especially it's CEO has continually bought shares in this stock.
- Tat Seng Packaging: Added more shares at $0.69

Moving forward, I will add on to my positions if the market corrects further. I may also sell off the smallish positions to raise cash, so that I have a larger cash pile to buy stocks if market corrects further.

I will also exercise patience in buy stocks, as the market correction from its Jan 2018 may have legs to run. The last corrections in STI are in Jan-Oct 2011 and Apr 2015 - Feb 2016; both lasted 9-10 months before hitting the low.

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