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Portfolio as at end Sep 2010

This is a post on my portfolio holdings as at end Sept 2010.

My portfolio, as at end Jun 2010, contains the following stocks:
Bright World; China Gaoxian; Eratat; Heeton; Hiap HoeRoxy; Techcomp; Valutronics; Ziwo
In the quarter end Sept 2010, my portfolio has experienced some turnover, as I sold off the construction stocks and technology stocks; and bought more S-chips.
Sold: HockLianSeng (HLS), Ryobi, Viz branz, Broadway I have sold off the construction stocks HLS and Ryobi, as I find myself unable to make proper value assessments since the construction revenues tend to be of uncertain nature.
Viz Branz is sold before the share split, as I think the upside may be limited. From the present price, I may be wrong in my earlier assessment.
Broadway was sold as I feel pretty uncertain about Seagate's HDD sales in the coming quarters. Hence, I decide to be more conservative and sell first. However, I am not sure if this decision may turn out to be a wise one.
Bought and Sold: Koh Brothers
Koh …