Friday, July 1, 2011

Portfolio as at end-June 2011

My portfolio as at 1 July consists of the following stocks: AIMSAMPREIT, Eratat, Heeton, Hongwei, Leader Environment, Qingmei, Sabana and Techcomp

Sold: China Taisan
China Taisan is sold due to its poor Q1 results.

Bought: Sabana Reit
Intiate a stake in Sabana as it provides around 9.5% dividend yield.

Added: Qingmei, Leader Environment, Heeton and Eratat,
Leader is added after its good Q1 results. Qingmei is added a few times at various price points as its price slides. Eratat is added twice recently when its price goes below $0.18. Both Eratat and Qingmei are added because the lowered prices offer better value to me.

I have re-purchased a portion of the Heeton shares that I have sold earlier, as I think that the government measures may not have that large impact on high-end property prices. In view of possible new government measures, I have not bought more property stocks. As the CEO has personally bought more Heeton shares recently, hopefully this counter will turn out well.

Portfolio composition:
Qingmei and Eratat are my largest shareholdings.

My year-to-date returns has worsen to -28.4%. Nonetheless, I can live with the loss, as I know that I will have large drawdowns at times. The occassionally large drawdawns are because I run a concentrated portfolio.

Having a concentrated portfolio implies that I am aiming for more returns at the expense of higher risk. This high risk/hopefully higher rewards approach is my personal preference.

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