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Book Notes: The Chaos Imperative

The Chaos Imperative by Ori Brafman

How Organised Chaos can lead to serendipity or unexpected positive results.

On the Five Rules of Chaos:

1) Avoid Lure of Data Measurements:
To make the right decisions, we need not just the data but the narrative to explain the situation. But Narrative takes time; Data does not. If facts cannot be presented as numerical data, they get ignored and lead to dire consequences.
2) It's Organised Chaos
The chaos need structure to work but the structure also need chaos to handle uncertainty. 
We need leaders who can tolerate uncertainty and imprecision. But we also need leaders who can maintain stability around the chaos.
3) Make White Space Productive
White space is useful when one already spend a lot of energy on a project and has a clear goal in mind. A team working against a deadline with no time to spare can benefit a lot from white space. Ask how much white space is needed. Ask people who work with you when they feel like they need time to think/b…