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Painful 2008, and a rude awakening/answer

Well, it's been a painful 2008. I have seen my portfolio dwindle to less than one-third YTD. 
I have stopped blogging for a few months, partly because of the losses, and partly because I am lazy. and busy 
2008 also offers a rude awakening and an answer to my hypothetical question I have often posed to myself. Is my 2007 returns due to skill or luck? 2008 answers "luck". And so, I am the fool. Hopefully, I will emerge smarter.
While I am still surviving and suffering investing pain, I am still investing. In equities. 
Probably I have this belief. 2009 will be a better year for equities. If not, 2010. 
And yes, my portfolio. I have sold Cacalo, C&G and Valutronics. Buys are China Ziano and China Fish ,which may be higher quality businesses than what I have sold. Presently, I am looking to buy a REIT, given the interesting high yield. 
Finally, I have recently read a brillant book. It is "Outliers" by Malcolm Galdwell.