2008 Q1 Portfolio Update

As Q1 is almost done, I shall provide an update of my portfolio here. My portfolio currently contains:

Sino-tech Fiber
China Precision Tech
Fujian ZY Plastics
China Hongcheng

Transactions made since last update:
Bought and Sold: Dutech
Bought: Sihuan, C&G and Cacalo
Partial Sold: Fujian ZY

As seen, my portfolio did not change much since the last update.

Bought Dutech as the price is attractive at around 2007 historical 6.x PER. However, the position is not large, as I am waiting for futher price drops. Dutech was sold later to raise cash for other purchases.

Sold a minor portion of Fujian ZY to raise cash for other positions.

Have added more shares of Sihuan, C&G and Cacalo in the portfolio as the prices of these stocks fallen to attractive levels.

Year-to-date, my portfolio returns are negative at around -15%, more negative than STI (-12%).


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