Belated Portfolio Update

This will be a post on my portfolio holdings as at 30 Jun 2009.

From Mar - Jun 2009, there have been quite a number of changes. My portfolio, as at 30 Jun 2009, contains the following stocks:
China Sunsine
China Ziano
Etika (small stake)
First Reit
Fujian Zhenyun (FZ)
Hong Fok
Jardine Strategic (JSH)

Sold: Sihuan, Pfood and Man Wah.

Sihuan and Man were sold because I found better opportunities. Pfood was sold as their Q1 results were abysmal.

Added: Adampak, China Sunsine, Etika, Hong Fok, JSH and Valutronics

Added Adampak and Valutronics as plays on technology recovery. Added China Sunsine as plays on automotive recovery. Insiders' purchase also play a factor in my buy decision here. Etika is a trading buy and it was disposed soon in the Jul downturn. Hong Fok and Guthrie are bought as property plays due to their low P/B value. JSH is bought as a sort of placeholder (temporary place for excess cash) and also due to its low P/NAV.

Trade: First Ship (FSL)
Bought and sold First Ship. This is just a trading purchase (based on technicals).

During the quarter, I have been experimenting with some TA. However, I am apparently a poor TA practicioner. Hence, I guess I will only use TA as a tool to sell my short-term plays.

Readers should not follow my buys here, as my turnover rate is very high during the last 2 quarters. My high turnover rate may be partly due to my internal philosophy of always trying to search and buy more under-valued stocks; and partly due to my guess that there may be a recovery in technology stocks. This guess occurs in end-June, as a result of some reading from newspapers, websites and analysts' reports.


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