How lucky. I will not be the next WB.

The Interative Investor Blog (IIB) has discussed a controversial article by Mark Sellers.

Mark Sellers is a hedge fund manager (using value investing) and writer (he contributes for FT). Mr Seller has just released an article highlighting the seven traits for a successful value investors (ie investors like Warren Buffett, Bill Miller who can compound at 20-25% over their careers.)

Mr Seller penned that successful investors should have the seven traits. And interestingly, he defined these seven traits as either you have it by twelve years old or you don't have it.

Well, as I am a pre-dominantly left-brainer and an abysmal painter, I would have fail his six trait (having a good two-sided brain). And this implies that I would not be the next Warren Buffett or a successful value investor. How lucky.


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