How to be Happier

As an investor, probably you can't help but to feel blue when the market is going down and down. Here, I shall describe a few ways to help an investor feel better.

First, you can try changing your reference point. If you have started investing many years ago, instead of looking at year to date losses, why not look at the total gains since you have started investing?

Next, you can try reviewing or look at your portfolio less frequently, if your portfolio is in loss-making mode now. Each time you look at your losses, you may feel sad. Hence by looking less frequently, you will feel sad less frequently too.

Finally, you can always remind yourself that 'this too will pass'. As stock returns tend to be positive in the long run, sooner or later your portfolio will turn green.


la papillion said…

Haha, I understand u :)

How about making investment more fun? I blogged about it too here:

Was recommended to your site, will read on more :)
mervyn said…
this too will pass.

a very powerful phrase for someone who truly understands it!

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